The smooth running of the Phoenix Club is made possible by a family of friendly, helpful and selfless volunteers.

We welcome adults of all ages and abilities to come along for a few hours, a morning or a whole day to spend time with our members and help ensure that they have a fun and entertaining time with us.

If you have specific skills, hobbies or talents we would love you to share them with our members.    Our Monday to Wednesday groups require the volunteers to be flexible and fun, whilst keeping everyone entertained with quizzes, word games, board games, craft activities, baking, chair exercise sessions and more!   Our Thursday morning session is focused on speech and language and members work 1 to 1 with a volunteer to help improve their communication skills.

We also need people who love to do gardening or cooking.

All volunteers will be DBS checked and report to the Club Supervisor.

Volunteering with us will build your inner confidence and give you the feel-good factor because you are giving back to your community.

If you want to join our volunteer team, please email us your contact details and availability.   We will then arrange for you to come along for a trial session.