Policies and Procedures

The following are summaries of the policies and procedures that have been approved by the Trustees and are provided here for information only. An official and full copy can be requested by email.



The Phoenix Stroke Club aims to maintain a high quality service at all times. However, if anyone is dissatisfied with the service, the Manager and Trustees will respond quickly and attempt to put things right. The Club has a simple process for dealing with any complaint which initially can be made in person, by telephone or in writing both paper and electronic.



The Phoenix Stroke Club acknowledges that the maintaining of confidentiality is the responsibility of anyone within the Club who can access information or who receives information about individuals. This includes staff, volunteers, members, members’ families and trustees.



The Phoenix Stroke Club complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) 2021.

The Club acknowledges it has a duty of care to everyone on its database and is committed to protecting the privacy of members, carers, volunteers, staff, trustees, agency staff, contractors, hirers, donors and supporters. The Club accepts that data protection is a legitimate concern and it will only be collected and processed when absolutely necessary. This policy explains how the Club uses the personal information provided to us whether online or via phone, mobile, e-mail, letter or other correspondence.



Disciplinary action against a member of staff arising from a breach of rules or a failure to meet the required standards of conduct, attendance or job performance will be taken only in accordance with the agreed procedure. This policy aims to ensure that disciplinary action is fairly and consistently applied and applies to all staff employed by the Phoenix Stroke Club.



The Club will promote a culture that values all its members, staff and volunteers positively and will seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination from every aspect of its work and structure. The Equal Opportunities Policy will cover all the Club’s policy and decision making processes, services to users and employment practices.



Defines the financial systems used by the Phoenix Stroke Club and how they relate to all areas of the organisation.



The Club is a registered charity and is responsible for raising the funds necessary to finance its activities. Whilst there is a Board of Trustees who are responsible to managing the Club’s assets and financial affairs, the Club is controlled by the members with decisions taken by them at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The purpose of this document is to set out the Club’s funding policies which will direct decisions taken by the members at subsequent AGMs and also direct the decision making by the Trustees when discharging their financial duties in respect of those financial matters for which they are responsible.



It is expected that many grievances will be resolved satisfactorily by informal discussion but where this is impractical, this procedure is intended to ensure that any grievance is settled as fairly and as quickly as possible.



Volunteers are individuals who may work regular or irregular hours but without pay. The Phoenix Stroke Club values its volunteers and the aims to ensure that all volunteers enjoy a satisfying and rewarding experience at the Club.



The Phoenix Stroke Club acknowledges its duty and responsibility under the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and will ensure, in so far is as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of members of staff, volunteers, members and visitors. Similarly, the Phoenix Stroke Club reminds staff and volunteers that they also have a duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others.



The key principle of these guidelines is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all participants in the Phoenix Stroke Club (members, volunteers and staff), to respect and promote the independence of members in handling their own medication at all times and to respect members’ rights to refuse to take their medication.



The Phoenix Stroke Club exists to provide services and support to people who have suffered stokes or similar neurological problems. A number of factors will be taken into consideration when assessing new referrals and places will be offered on a trial basis and will be reviewed to ascertain whether the new member is gaining benefit from attending the Club.

If at any time, the manager feels that for whatever reason, the member is no longer deriving benefit from their membership – for example, because of deterioration in their health, personal hygiene issues or behavioural problems then he/she will notify the family/carers and raise the matter with the Chairman of the Trustees.



The Phoenix Club’s Safeguarding Policy clearly demonstrates the commitment to safeguarding as well as setting out the responsibilities of those involved in delivering this commitment.

All staff and volunteers have a role to play in protecting vulnerable people from all forms of abuse including physical, emotional, psychological, financial and sexual abuse, harm, neglect, self-neglect and domestic violence.

The Trustees will ensure an ongoing commitment to protecting members, staff and volunteers.



The Phoenix Stroke Club is committed to providing services with honesty and integrity, and all staff are expected to maintain high standards. However, the Club acknowledges the risk of unknowingly harbouring incidents of illegal or unethical conduct and will promote a culture of openness and accountability to prevent such situations occurring and will address them if or when they occur.


March 2022

(Next Review in March 2023)