Stroke member runs half marathon for charity

Jill Wakeman, who suffered a stroke in 2013, successfully ran the Brighton Half Marathon on 22 February 2015. Jill ran to demonstrate what can be achieved even under the toughest of situations as well as to raise money for the Phoenix Stroke Club where she is a member.

The stroke left Jill unable to use her entire right hand side of her body and incapable of any speech except for the word ‘no’. Over the following weeks Jill was determined to get better and within six weeks she was able to leave hospital aided by only a walking stick. On her return home Jill continued to do all she could to recover, having to overcome not just the physical battle to regain her mobility but also the huge task of finding her voice and her self-confidence.

Jill attends the Phoenix Stroke Club once a week to work on her speech, motor skills and to see the friendly staff and fellow stroke members. Less than two years later she continues to impress everyone with her recovery. Jill is now able to make full sentences, she has returned part time to work, taken up running and still attends the stroke club.

Jill ran the Brighton Half Marathon with her three sons and one of their girlfriends.

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