Outdoor Gathering

Lavinia20April21Finally after a long national lockdown we are allowed to meet outdoors! With support of many volunteers we are getting the Club ready to reopen as soon as possible and in the mean time facilitating small group gatherings where members could say hi to their club friends. It’s great to see many of our members and volunteers enjoying a catch-up over a cuppa at the Lavinia House at Age UK Horsham when the friendly staff welcome us with their big smiles. We were there on 20th April and went back again on 4th May – although the weather was not as good as the first time, it’s great to see the smiles on the faces of those who managed to turn up and to have a chat. We will be going back on 11th May. All invited are reminded to check the weather before setting off. Hopefully we’ll have a good weather and catch up on Club news.

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